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The Bridge (how to hold a snooker table cue correctly)

When I am on my travels carrying out a snooker table recovering I often have to wait for the players on the snooker table to finish their game before I can start my work. Sometimes, these games seem to go on forever, … Continue reading

History of Televised Snooker part 3

Welcome to simply pool and snooker’s blog. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or request other blog’s on any subject within the snooker table industry such as snooker table recovering. And how it has been transformed! Before … Continue reading

Snooker Table Balls (part 3)

The cellutose nitrate type of snooker table ball was moulded from powder under great pressure and the resulting block of plastic material was turned and polished in a similar way to the old ivory ball, but the new cast resin … Continue reading

Snooker Table Balls (part 2)

Snooker tables balls are two inch and one sixteenth and English pool table balls are two inch. When pool table recovering I am often asked why the white ball comes out at one end of pool tables and the colours at the other??? Continue reading

The Snooker Table Ball

The origins of the snooker table balls goes back to the slaughter of thousands of elephants. Continue reading

POT BLACK (The Snooker Table cont.)

In the second half of the nineteenth century/snooker tables manufactured in Liverpool had cast-iron underframes. These tables stood on six legs and one of them was in use in a staff canteen in Liverpool until a few years ago. The … Continue reading

Well Done Ronnie

Congratulations to Ronnie O’sullivan on successfully winning his 4th world snooker title on the star tournament snooker table.